Pneumatic Hydraulic Technician



  • Participating in the implementation of new investment projects.
  • Supporting external suppliers in installing production equipment.



  • Writing a daily report.
  • Keeping technical documentation, manuals and drawings up to date.
  • Creating backups of previous program versions installed.
  • Reporting the condition of various machinery and troubleshooting.



  • Wearing and using the prescribed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the designated areas.
  • Complying with all regulations, rules, procedures and policies in the field of health & safety, environment and food safety.
  • Complying with NEN 3140/1010.



Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of maintenance and repair of operating systems, including error analysis
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic skills.
  • Insight into all installations and facilities.
  • Analysing and programming skills.
  • Knowledge of sensors and control devices.
  • Knowledge of rotating equipment (liquid pumps, gearboxes compressors, vacuum pumps, ventilators).
  • Understanding of factory processes.
  • Ability to use assigned (hand) tools and measuring devices.
  • Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and machine manuals.
  • Knowledge of ISO/BRC standards, HACCP principles and health & safety regulations.
  • MBO level 4


  Optimise all mechanical maintenance activities, to ensure the proper maintenance of all technical installations, tools and utilities.

KEY AREAS                           


Process Optimisation

  • Diagnosing and rectifying hydraulic and pneumatic system breakdowns.
  • Refurbishing worn or damaged hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  • Evaluating repairs and breakdowns.
  • Executing measurements of process parameters.
  • Identifying faults in the field hydraulic and pneumatic system on production lines.
  • Analysing and solving malfunctions on the operating system.
  • Fine-tuning of the machines to optimise the product flow.
  • Optimising the hydraulic and pneumatic system and inspection devices, to ensure a high-quality product.
  • Ensuring the efficiency and continuity of machinery and equipment of the production line.
  • Carrying out periodical and preventive maintenance of the operating system, according to the maintenance plan.


Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventing future hydraulic and pneumatic problems to occur, by performing scheduled maintenance, in line with the maintenance plan.
  • Performing daily check-ups to make sure that all machines work fine and to minimise the downtime of the production lines.
  • Checking connections of machinery and equipment (e.g. motors, sensors, pumps and compressors).
  • Using measuring and diagnostic devices to evaluate the working and control of hydraulic and pneumatic components.
  • Inspecting and cleaning the hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fans and fan filters.
  • Carrying out periodic hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance work, based on the daily planning provided by the Mechanical Section Supervisor.
  • Adjusting machines and replace old pneumatic and hydraulic components according to its specifications.
  • Performing installation of hydraulic and pneumatic fitting works
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement to secure a smooth and trouble-free operation of machines.
  • Performing improvements projects on existing lines and test the functionality of the machines.
  • Conducting maintenance on building utilities.

Curative maintenance

  • Solving complex machine breakdowns to minimise production downtimes.
  • Reading technical drawings, manuals and machine instructions.
  • Locating the root cause of the problem by examining the machine and performing measurements and tests.
  • Interpreting the measured values and determining the best repair method.
  • Repairing or replacing parts with (hand) tools and rectifying faults in pneumatic and hydraulic part of machines.
  • Request assistance in case of complex breakdowns.


  • good salary according to the experience
  • travel allowance
  • possibility to get a contract
  • opportunities to grow

Bedrijfsnaam: Covebo
Contactpersoon: Niek van der Leeuw
Telefoon: 0623502178